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Minister of Information Continues Insightful Tour, Vows Support for State Broadcaster

In his unwavering commitment to enhancing governance and bolstering service delivery, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, the Minister of Information, pursued his familiarization tour, extending his visit to the esteemed Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) – the nation’s state broadcaster.
Accompanied by his esteemed team, including the Permanent Secretary, Deputy Permanent Secretary, and Principal Assistant Secretary. Minister Ceesay was warmly welcomed by the Director General of GRTS, Abdoulie Sey, and his dedicated senior staff.
Throughout the tour, Director Sey shared the challenges confronting GRTS, shedding light on operational hurdles and opportunities for improvement. Minister Ceesay, keen on gaining firsthand insights, delved into various departments, including the master control room, news studio, library, and IT unit.
Undeterred by the obstacles, Minister Ceesay continued his expedition to GRTS Radio at Mile 7, where he was warmly greeted by the Director of Programs, Haddy Badjie. Together, they explored avenues to modernize operations and foster information dissemination through cutting-edge technologies.
The tour culminated in a productive meeting with senior GRTS staff, where thematic issues were dissected, and collaborative strategies were devised to propel GRTS and other affiliated agencies towards modernization and excellence.
In his address, Minister Ceesay reaffirmed the government’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective communication. He pledged unwavering support to GRTS and its endeavors, emphasizing the pivotal role of the state broadcaster in shaping public discourse and disseminating vital information to the populace.
As the journey progresses, Minister Dr. Ismaila Ceesay remains steadfast in his resolve to cultivate a culture of excellence and inclusivity within the Ministry of Information and its affiliated agencies. Together, they embark on a transformative journey towards a more informed, connected, and empowered society, laying the foundation for a brighter future for all Gambians.
Stay tuned for further updates on the Ministry’s initiatives and endeavors as they strive towards a more prosperous and enlightened nation. Together, let us chart a course towards progress and prosperity.