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ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project Launched in Jarra Soma by Minister of Environment

On Friday, 19th April 2024, the Honorable Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Rohey John Manjang, officiated the launch of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project in Jarra Soma, LRR, representing the Honorable Minister of Petroleum and Energy.
Funded with a grant of approximately US$66 million from the World Bank through ECOWAS, the initiative aims to extend electricity access to more than 295 communities across WCR, LRR, NBR and CRR.
The project targets electrification in 55 communities in WCR, 87 in LRR, 93 in NBR and 60 in CRR, as part of The Gambia Government’s broader commitment to achieving universal electricity access by the end of 2025.
This endeavor supplements existing electricity access projects underway in all regions, with a combined effort to electrify around 800 communities by December 2024.